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LED grow light manufacturers today make lights using LEDs that are mass produced which in short means that the wavelengths are not optimized for various vital plant pigments. Gemma LED want to take it one step further and choose to optimize all the wavelengths used in plant lighting and this to a competitive price as there is no middlemen and our lighting products are only available for purchase via Gemmas website. If you choose to buy grow lights from Gemma you will get optimized light that use less energy always to an affordable price.

Want to know more about results? Comparisons between conventional LED grow lights and Gemma's can be found under information to the left in the menu.

Things good with Gemma LED grow lights

The main advantage of LEDs is their low energy consumption but it is far from everything. Life expectancy is is a big plus and is expected to last 6 years under continuous operation. Grow lights usually does not run for more than a maximum of 18 hours a day which increases the life to about 8 years.
Only other type of light can that can be compared to LED is fluorescent lights and CFLs but unlike LEDs they contain among other toxic mercury gases that are harmful to you and the nature. Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps also emit UV radiation that can be bad for your health- something that will be completely avoided when using LED.

Common grow lights like HPS also often produce a lot of heat. This is however, almost entirely a thing of the past with LEDs.
If you have problems with algae formation in your hydroponic system you will find yet another advantage with Gemma since we opted out blue wavelengths for chlorophyll A, where algae grows. Not only to the advantage of reduced algae formation but also because chlorophyll production is twice as high in chlorophyll B in blue light for plants.

Unlike other plant lighting, our lights also use green wavelengths. This is primarily for the development of anthocyanin pigments, but also because red blue and green light is the basis of white light which in turn makes perfect reflectance of plant colors. Something that is very important to evaluate plant health and status.

Buy plant lighting- good price with different sockets

How plants are grown vary, therefore we strive for a complete range of selections of grow lights, strength, fixtures and sockets like E27, E40, GU10, MR16 and T8 tubes. Growers for example with fluorescent lighting, can easily upgrade to LED tubes without any major changes. We have LED tube lights in 60, 90, 120 and 150 cm lengths that uses about half the amount of energy that ordinary fluorescent tubes do. If plants are in need of a bit more powerful plant lighting we also have the E40 plant lights that can be placed in existing fixture / reflector, and of course more powerful flood lights that can be hung with stable fixtures.
Of course we also have E27 plant lighting and GU10 / MR16 as more suitable for maintaining plants indoors all year round, such as in the window frame.

We continually seek new solutions to meet every possible need. Is there anything that you feel is lacking in our range of products you are welcome to contact us and express it.
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